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Hello there!  I started cooking at the age of eight to support my mum as she had two jobs and no time to cook for me and my elder brother.  As a young man I cheffed in hotels, restaurants and care homes before changing my career to youth worker.  I did that for over a decade and after a five year stint running my own restaurant I decided to marry my love of food with my passion to support young people in finding their place in society.  I started trading as Steen The Chef back in 2010 running cookery classes for Imayla, Young Bristol, Wellspring Centre, Docklands, Knowle West Health Association and many community groups in and around Bristol serving different cultural, ethnic and health groups, both young and adult.

My knowledge of commercial catering led me to advise new gastro-pub owners on setting up a kitchen, recruiting staff, menu design and service. I've advised and supported pub owners, restaurateurs and often step in to support the businesses when key staff are on holidays.


I now live in Cardiff and can help if you need some advice or practical support in your kitchen or if you run a community group and believe cooking sessions could provide what your group needs.  My rates are affordable and I am happy to meet you to explore if and how I may help.



My partner Emily and I opened The Retreat in 2002.  A small pub with no food history we invested £20,000 to refit the entire space including revamping the kitchen.  Turnover went from £60,000 pa to £360,000 pa.  I have experienced building a catering business from scratch including event catering which we did as a support to the gastro-pub.



I've been running cooking sessions since 2010 with community groups, organisations who service young or vulnerable people and specialist schools.  Practical cookery and food education is compulsory in the new national curriculum for pupils up to the end of key stage 3 (age 14).  My sessions help teachers and students understand the relationship food has with health and wellbeing, teaches the relevance of nutrition and increases awareness of foods, where they come from and how easy it is to cook simple, tasty meals from everyday ingredients. 



Are you setting up a new kitchen and need advice?  Or perhaps starting a new venture and want some tips to reduce the risk of failure?  Or maybe you just need a chef who knows how to get 70% GP margin from your menu or can guide your brigade while you recruit a Head Chef?  Call me as I may be able to help.

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